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Silver Creek Capital Bolsters Investment Team with Addition of Brendan Connor

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SEATTLE, WA – July 13, 2021 – Silver Creek Capital Management (“Silver Creek”), a boutique alternative investment manager, today announced that Brendan Connor, former Executive Director and a strategy head within the Absolute Return Strategies group at GCM Grosvenor, has…

Silver Creek Capital Names Art Zaske Deputy Chief Investment Officer

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SEATTLE, WA – July 27, 2020 – Silver Creek Capital Management (“Silver Creek”), a boutique alternative investment manager with $7 billion in assets under management, today announced that Art Zaske, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, has been named Deputy Chief…


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Green Diamond Management Company to Become Manager of Twin Creeks Timber PortfolioSEATTLE, WA -- October 3, 2017 -- Twin Creeks Timber LLC (“Twin Creeks”), a joint venture originally formed in 2015 in part by Silver Creek Capital Management (“Silver Creek”),…
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Silver Creek NPL Opportunity Market Update – November 2018

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Overview:Over ten years following the Global Financial Crisis (“GFC”), Silver Creek believes that European Non-Performing Loans (“NPLs”) continue to be one of the most attractive risk/reward opportunities in the global credit markets. While the volume of NPL sales has increased…

Silver Creek Corporate Credit Market Update – November 2018

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Overview:When there is little distress across the credit markets, the opportunity for corporate distressed investments can seem counterintuitive. Despite the recent increase in volatility in the equity markets, credit markets have remained much more stable and defaults have remained low.…

Silver Creek Private Credit Market Update – April 2017

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OverviewMany investors today think that “perceived risk does not reflect actual risk” in the credit markets.  To be sure, many core sectors of the liquid and illiquid credit markets are not opportunistically priced today.  However, that does not necessarily mean there…
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Timberland Commentary: U.S. Timber Exports to China

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OverviewTimberland investors are well positioned to benefit from the uptrend of sawlog prices that is currently underway in many parts of the world. In the U.S., demand for softwood sawlogs has been steadily increasing since 2009 and fundamentals support a…

The Behavior of Timberland Returns during Public Equity Market Downturns

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OverviewIt is obviously impossible to discuss the behavior of timberland returns during any period of time without first getting clear on how those returns can be measured. To that end, there are two ways in principle to go about doing…
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Quantitative Technologies

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Overview Quantitative investing relies heavily on technology. As technology advances, new opportunities arise to use technology in the investment process. This article focuses on three ongoing technological changes that are reshaping what is possible in the investment realm: artificial intelligence,…

Quantitative Strategies

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Overview The nature of investing is changing as the investment process more heavily adopts technology and quantitative methods. The approach used by quantitatively driven investors generally fits into one of five strategies: Quantamental, Risk Premia, CTA, Systematic Macro, and Quant…

Quantitative Investing Overview

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Overview Over the last half-century, the investment community has incorporated computers and quantitative analysis into more and more of the investment process. Before, investment decisions were made entirely by humans. Now investment decisions are either entirely human based, entirely machine…