Investment Philosophy

We invest on behalf of global institutional investors in compelling sectors of the private credit, real assets, and absolute return asset classes. We aim to generate substantial alpha with low correlation to equity markets and strive to deliver complementary and comprehensive solutions to our clients’ alternative investment portfolios.

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Guiding Principles and Team


• Never lose sight of the power of diversification as a tool to achieve long term goals.
• Avoid “diworsification” by prudently concentrating in high conviction ideas.
• Use our learnings and experience in managing through adversity.
• Approach risk management holistically.

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In order to harness the economies of both scope and relationships inherent in our investment approach, we balance a specialist and generalist model. To achieve this, we value team work and collaboration as well as experienced professionals with both deep domain expertise and broad experience.

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Our Core Values


Taking responsibility for decisions & actions.

We do what we say and say what we think, being accountable to our clients and to one another. We celebrate our wins, and we learn from our mistakes.


Doing the right thing.

Facilitate opportunities for employees individually, as well as Silver Creek collectively, to participate in our community with a focus on advocacy on behalf of diverse groups.


Challenging ourselves.

We aspire to exceed the expectations of our clients and each other. We are committed to using our time, skills and resources to improve the world for future generations.


Tenaciously pursuing results.

We approach everything we do with passion, discipline, and care. We strive for excellence, but we stay humble. We use curiosity as our guide to learn, innovate, and grow.


Cultivating strong relationships.

We understand that our relationships with our colleagues, our clients, and our investment partners are critical to our success.


Being kind & inclusive; we are better together.

We work hard to foster collaboration. We understand that a strong team will be more successful than a group of individual contributors. We believe that diversity of experience, background, and perspective will enhance our results.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


As Silver Creek pursues its disciplined investment principles, we do so with a commitment to embrace diversity of thinking, background, and experience. As we develop our team, we will always focus on promoting equity and inclusion while seeking a combination of talents to bring richness to our work environment, increase employee satisfaction, and deliver high quality service to our investors and our community.

Silver Creek’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee focuses on four areas of emphasis:


Provide employees with training and access to research designed to help increase their knowledge and understanding of issues faced by individuals of diverse groups. Help employees implement their knowledge and understanding to positively impact the success of their team.


Facilitate opportunities for employees individually, as well as Silver Creek collectively, to participate in our community with a focus on advocacy on behalf of diverse groups.


Assess the diversity of internal hiring and engagement practices as well as those of our external business partners, and restructure where appropriate.


Report on diversity initiatives to Silver Creek on a regular basis.