Investment philosophy

We believe that alternative assets are a critical component of any well-diversified investment portfolio. Truly exceptional alternative investments are in short supply, and identifying them requires extensive experience and diligence.

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Guiding Principles and Team


• Never lose sight of the power of diversification as a tool to achieve long term goals.
• Avoid “diworsification” by prudently concentrating in high conviction ideas.
• Use our learnings and experience in managing through adversity.
• Approach risk management holistically.

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In order to harness the economies of both scope and relationships inherent in our investment approach, we balance a specialist and generalist model. To achieve this, we value team work and collaboration as well as experienced professionals with both deep domain expertise and broad experience.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


As Silver Creek pursues its disciplined investment principles, we do so with a commitment to embrace diversity of thinking, background, and experience. As we develop our team, we will always focus on promoting equity and inclusion while seeking a combination of talents to bring richness to our work environment, increase employee satisfaction, and deliver high quality service to our investors and our community.

Silver Creek’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee focuses on four areas of emphasis:

Education and Implementation
Provide employees with training and access to research designed to help increase their knowledge and understanding of issues faced by individuals of diverse groups. Help employees implement their knowledge and understanding to positively impact the success of their team.

Community Outreach and Advocacy
Facilitate opportunities for employees individually, as well as Silver Creek collectively, to participate in our community with a focus on advocacy on behalf of diverse groups.

Assess the diversity of internal hiring and engagement practices as well as those of our external business partners, and restructure where appropriate.

Report on diversity initiatives to Silver Creek on a regular basis.

Recent Awards
YearAward ProviderCategoryRecipientNumber of Nominees
2020HFMFoHF long-term performance (5 years) under $1bnSilver Creek Core Strategies8
2018Institutional InvestorBoutique FoHF Manager of the YearSilver Creek Capital Management5
2017InvestHedgeGlobal Multi-Strategy Fund ($500m - $1b)DFP Fund7
2016InvestHedgeGlobal Multi-Strategy Fund ($500m - $1b)DFP Fund8
2016Alt Credit IntelligenceFund of Hedge Funds - creditSilver Creek Credit Opportunities I Fund A7
2014InvestHedgeGlobal Multi-Strategy Fund ($100m - $500m)DFP Fund8
Invest Hedge Awards


The InvestHedge Awards for Performance Excellence recognize the multi-manager funds and firms that have achieved the best risk-adjusted returns over both one-year and longer-term timeframes.

  • Silver Creek Long/Short Fund (2002) – US Equity category, 2 nominees
  • Silver Creek Early Advantage (2004) – Emerging Manager category, 4 nominees
  • Silver Creek Early Advantage (2005) – Emerging Manager category, 5 nominees
  • Silver Creek Early Advantage (2006) – Emerging Manager category, 6 nominees
  • Silver Creek Capital Management (2005) – Group of the Year, 5 nominees
  • Silver Creek Capital Management (2006) – Group of the Year, 6 nominees
  • Silver Creek Low Vol Strategies (2005) – Global Multi-Strategy Fund (over $500m)
  • Silver Creek DFP Fund (2005) – Global Multi-Strategy Fund ($100m - $500m)
Awards Disclosure

To be considered for the HFM US Performance Awards 2020, funds must submit performance data for review. There are no fees charged by the organizer for a manager to participate in the selection process. Finalists are selected based on the following criteria and process and may not reflect the opinions of all investors and industry experts: funds with a management/advisory company or main team based in North America who meet minimum criterion for base of operations, share class characteristics, assets under management, and performance track record. Funds were judged by a panel including institutional investors and specialist consultants. They reviewed both quantitative and qualitative factors. They focused on absolute performance as well as standard deviation of returns and outperformance of the relevant HFM benchmark over the 5 years ending June 2020. There were eight short-listed nominees for the award that CSI received. Nomination or receipt of any award is not necessarily indicative of any particular investor’s experience or a guarantee that Silver Creek or any Fund will perform similarly in the future.

The HedgeFund Intelligence “InvestHedge Awards” honor risk-adjusted performance of funds of hedge funds that submit performance data to the InvestHedge database with no pro-forma data. Depending on the year, this is done across varying strategies and over different time periods. Main award categories generally require a minimum asset level of at least $100 million, other than those awards in which a specific asset level is required. Nominations are primarily given to those funds that achieve the strongest Sharpe Ratios for the period under review, so long as they also beat the median returns in their relevant peer groups. Winners are determined by HedgeFund Intelligence to be the funds of hedge funds that achieve the best returns, as long as they also achieve Sharpe ratios within 25% of the best of the nominees.

The Alt Credit Intelligence “U.S. Performance Awards” are based on risk-adjusted performance of funds that submit performance data to Alt Credit Intelligence over a one, three or five-year period, as applicable. A judging panel of leading investors and investment consultants will also consider the quality of the business, relative assets under management and pedigree in making their final decision.  Applicants are required to complete an application compiling certain performance and other data.  Nomination or receipt of any award is not necessarily indicative of any particular investor’s experience or a guarantee that Silver Creek will perform similarly in the future.

Institutional Investor begins the voting process with a public call for nominations; the editorial staff concurrently develops a list of candidates based on its knowledge of the firms and institutions, as well as on discussions with its wide network of industry sources. The staff then vets each of the nominations, as well as its internally generated candidates, based on how strongly it believes the candidates meet a wide range of criteria for their respective categories. The staff puts particular emphasis on performance over the past three years, with special consideration given to the most recent year. Once the nominees are publicly announced, the magazine group then conducts a wide survey of U.S. institutional investors and invites them to vote for the manager nominees. Hedge fund managers are also invited to vote for the investor nominees. Institutional Investor's editorial staff analyzes the results of the voting to determine the winners, which are announced at the annual awards dinner and ceremony.