Warren Clemans

General Counsel

WARREN CLEMANS is General Counsel to and a Managing Director of Silver Creek. He joined the firm in May 2007. His responsibilities include legal oversight and review of all activities related to Silver Creek’s fund-of-funds offerings and investment activities. Previously, Mr. Clemans was a partner at K&L Gates (formerly Preston Gates & Ellis LLP) where his practice focused on the negotiation and documentation of derivatives and other financial instruments, private and public securities offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. Representative transactions that he participated in while at K&L Gates include: the negotiation of International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) Master Agreements and Credit Support Annex with leading dealers on behalf of hedge funds and other entities; an ISDA-documented equity call option written by Microsoft in connection with the transfer of employee stock options to JPMorgan Chase Bank; the acquisition of Tellme Networks by Microsoft Corporation; Microsoft’s disposition of Slate Magazine to the Washington Post Company; and the acquisition of Primary Energy Ventures by EPCOR Utilities, Inc. Mr. Clemans holds a J.D. from Seattle University where he graduated summa cum laude and first in his class.